Academic Excellence

At Grammar, success is about achievement, growth and wellbeing across all areas of a student’s life. We want our young people to learn in school what they need for a successful future.

Learning happens in all areas of a student’s life at Grammar: from striving for academic excellence in the classroom to serving the community, to playing soccer to working backstage at the production to pursuing adventure on the snow camp and in so many other areas. Learning is especially important in developing positive relationships.

A Grammar future is a great future.

Our students leave Grammar with the all-round skills they need to contribute to the world and to be successful independent learners throughout their lives. The futures that they create reflect this.

Celebrating Academic Excellence

Outstanding VCE Success in 2015

2015 VCE Achievers

Congratulations to all Grammar students on their outstanding achievements and passionate involvement in wider life and local and global communities in 2015.

The entire Grammar community warmly extends our best wishes to all leavers from the Class of 2015.

  • 5 students achieved an ATAR over 99: congratulations to Thomas Williams, Samuel Cirrito-Prince, Keira Unmack, Matthew Hall and Ameer Alwan
  • 37 students (24%) achieved an ATAR over 90
  • 44% of Grammar students achieved ATARs above 80
  • 65% of all students ranked in the top 30% of Australia
  • Six ‘perfect’ Study Scores of 50/50:

Alyssa Chua: Further Mathematics

Claire Stewart: Further Mathematics

Jonathan Yates: Further Mathematics

Maegan Osmond: Physical Education

Anna Fay: Visual Communication

Elizabeth Wilson: Visual Communication