Dr Tony Gregson, AM

Tony-GregsonBallarat Grammar 1960 – 1963

  • PhD, DSC (University of Melbourne), FTSE
  • International Recognised Agricultural Researcher
  • Chairman, Melbourne University School of Botany Foundation

Tony recently said that without his education at Ballarat Grammar, he would not have been able to matriculate at the University of Melbourne and, specifically, to be a resident student at Trinity College.

He received his AM in 2009 for his national and international contribution to agricultural research.

Once, among other things, he was a Chemistry Professor, a CSIRO Board Member, Grains Research and Development Corporation Director, and Chairman for Biodiversity International in Rome. He is currently Chairman of Plant Health Australia, Chairman of the Melbourne University School of Botany Foundation, Chairman of the Victorian Committee of the Crawford Fund, a Director of Rural Industries Skill Training based in Hamilton, Victoria, and an Adjunct Professor of the University of Ballarat.

He returned to his family farm in 1981 in Western Victoria where he now grows wheat, barley, canola, a variety of pulses, and wool. In 2011, farmer Tony travelled with an Australian contingent to deposit seed samples from a seed-bank in Horsham, Victoria, in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Longyearbyen, Norway. This Doomsday Vault, which is built into the side of a mountain on a remote Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Circle, is the key to the world’s future food security, protecting seeds from destruction in the event of fire, flood, typhoon and warfare.