Junior School Art Show captures imagination

In mid-July the Beckworth Arts Centre was transformed with abundant displays of art work created by members of our Junior School.

Whilst the individual art works were beautiful expressions of creativity, the sheer scale of the exhibition was breathtaking. Through exciting forms of display, every Junior School student was represented. The en masse effect of colour and form created enormous excitement in the School community.

Visual Arts Leaders

Year 6 Visual Arts Leaders were given special responsibilities during the official Opening evening. At Ballarat Grammar we are increasingly aware of how important it is that children are at the centre of the learning – driving the learning tasks through their own genuine interest in the concepts being covered, and utilising the skills which teachers have helped them develop. This is demonstrated so clearly with the Junior School Art Show.

Learning Perspectives

From a teaching and learning perspective the way in which the context and purpose of the learning is made explicit adds real strength to our Visual Arts program. This is particularly important as we continue to move towards a transdisciplinary approach within the IB Primary Years Programme. The exhibition showed how successfully we can link inquiries in the general classroom with those in the Art classrooms.