Fashion Awards Australia

Grammar enjoyed terrific success at the Fashion Awards Australia last week. Forty-five of our students participated in the competition and presented a total of 56 garments/costumes. These were made by Year 9, 10 and 11 students during the course of Semester 2, 2015 and Semester 1, 2016, and by students enrolled in Units 3/4 this year.

On the day of the competition there were 267 student entries with the overall standard of design and construction very high. All place getters definitely had to ‘earn’ their results.

Grammar had a very successful day. Our students found the whole experience rewarding and enjoyed the thrill of securing placings. To our delight, Grammar received the John Claringbold perpetual trophy for the school earning the most points!14543812_1205600372862046_8488346998192941120_o

The following students received placings in the competition:

Calico Years 9 &10 – 2nd Tiana Shillito and 3rd Sarah Ham

Recycled Wearable Art Years 9 & 10 – 3rd Cate Lidgett

Chic Day Wear Years 9 & 10 – 1st Emilia Nigro

Calico Years 11 & 12 – 1st Jessica Murphy

Recycled Years 11 & 12 – 3rd Georgina Fay

Day Wear Years 11 & 12 – 1st Olivia Delahunty and 3rd Hattie Macdonald

Costume Fantasy Years 11 & 12 – 1st Jasmine Knowles and 2nd Kristen Freeman

Both Jasmine Knowles and Olivia Delahunty have now secured further accolades since their wins at the Apex Teenage Fashion Awards. This is a testament to their design ability and their willingness to assiduously undertake all that is required to produce high quality garments.

Special congratulations to Mrs Jane Boadle for all her hard work and leadership in driving the ongoing achievements and success in Fashion and Textiles at Grammar.