Grammar students Top Designers

We are very proud to see three of our students have their work selected for the VCAA VCE Seasons of Excellence (Top Designs). Congratulations to Joanna Lean and Hannah DeBuhr (Product Design) and Kyle Postlethwaite (Systems Engineering).

Top Designs takes place at the Melbourne Museum from March till July 2017 and showcases a small selection of students from Victorian secondary schools. All three Grammar students selected for Top Designs are in Year 11. This is a credit to the School’s philosophy of making accelerated pathways available to strong students, and to the respective teachers of each subject, Mr Beau Leonard and Mr Alan Beech.joanna-lean

An additional  4 students were also shortlisted for the VCE Season of Excellence.

Top Designs: Beatrice Pickersgil, Daniel Ferguson, and Nick Donnell. Top Arts: Emily Thompson