Splendid 2016 VCE results

Congratulations to the Grammar Class of 2016! The announcement of VCE results rounded off a wonderful range of accomplishments for Grammar students during 2016.

The release of VCE results saw an impressive array of achievements. Six students achieved ATARs of 99 and above – with an ATAR of 99.95 for Jonathon Yates – the highest possible score achievable and the top score for Ballarat and schools in our region. Just 35 students in Victoria received scores of 99.95. Students celebrating scores over 99 include (pictured below with Headmaster Mr Adam Heath) Lachlan Staines, Tess Ryan, Jonathon Yates, Ben Butler, Claire Stewart and Chris Milne. Grammar students achieved five perfect Study Scores of 50.group-fb-version


Congratulations to Grammar students and staff on another outstanding year!