Impressive results at Grammar

Ballarat Grammar students have received impressive results for their final year of studies in 2019, with two students achieving the school’s top ATAR ranking of 99.75.


Thomas Burnett and Sophie John are both thrilled with their achievement and are grateful for being able to pursue university degrees and future challenges of their choosing. Sophie in particular is effusive about her final year and her time at Grammar. “We are a community of active learners. It’s pretty incredible to look around in a classroom and see a group of passionate students all eager to discuss and learn, and it’s the subsequent friendships I’ve formed with both my classmates and my teachers that have helped me grow so much as a person, showing me not only how to be a good learner, but how to be a good person as well.”

Thomas agrees. “One of the things which makes Grammar special are the conversations between staff and students outside of just the course content. Whether it be talking with our tute group mentor about his coffee-roasting business, or talking about politics and the education system with my physics teacher Saeed. These relaxed and informal conversations contribute to what makes the school’s sense of community so strong. In addition to formal curriculum, you also get a better understanding of people’s experiences which differ from yours and the wider world. Another great part is that you have the ability to ask questions and disagree respectfully, which encourages meaningful interactions.”

With five students achieving an ATAR ranking of 99 or above, 17 students achieving an ATAR ranking of 95 or above, and an impressive 35 students achieving an ATAR ranking of 90 or above, the Ballarat Grammar class of 2019 year are looking to study a range of courses to pursue their passions, from Applied Maths and research, to Medicine and the Arts. Grammar students completing applied learning pathways in Vocational Education and Training and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning have achieved similarly impressive levels of success with eight students securing apprenticeships for 2020.

Headmaster Adam Heath couldn’t hide how proud he was for the whole year level to have achieved so much growth over the year and during their time at the school. “Across the cohort, our students have achieved results which reflect their diligence and commitment to excellence in all that they do. We are very proud of everything they have achieved through their service activities, dedication to sport, to the arts and to the community.”

Having just been through the rigour of year 12, Thomas and Sophie have some great advice for future year 12 students.  “My advice would be to take pride in your work and give it your best shot, but find balance,” said Thomas. “You need to be sustainable in how you’re working, and although you’ll need to make room for a decent bit of study next year, don’t let it be at the expense of your wellbeing, hobbies, or health.” Sophie had similar advice. “After graduating, I’m lucky to say I don’t have any regrets looking back because I know that I enjoyed every opportunity that year twelve had to offer and remembered to have fun amongst all of the stress and responsibilities,” she said.