OLD GRAMMARIAN STORY – Angus Place (2016)

For Angus Place, horses are a way of life. Since finishing school, Angus’ passion for horses has led him to a budding career as a polo player.

Initially after completing VCE, Angus began studying paramedicine however after receiving an offer to to pursue his dream of working with horses in the UK, it was an offer he simply couldn’t refuse.

Angus has been playing professional polo for the last 4 years in the UK and Australia, and most recently for Ellerston Onassis Polo, situated in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Working at the Ellerston property has been an amazing learning experience for Angus; the property is a leading international polo hub boasting some of Australia’s best polo fields, and home to the Onassis Hilton Vet Clinic, a pioneer in the world of embryo transplants for polo breeding. Earlier this year, Ellerston Onassis Polo successfully cloned one of the club’s prized stallions in America, which will continue their long-term horse breeding program.

Tell us about your time at Grammar
I loved boarding at Ballarat Grammar and the real community feel that comes from living with such a tight knit group of staff and students, it was like another family.

I played hockey and equestrian at school, which fueled my interest in polo.

What ignited your passion for your career choice? Can you describe your journey?
I’ve always had an interest in horses, with flat racing basically being in my blood. My grandfather was a horse trainer and I helped him from a young age, so I have grown up doing track work.

When I was at school, I wanted to study paramedicine, and I was accepted into a degree after completing Year 12. I started the paramedicine course, but after only a month of study, was offered a position playing young horses for Jimbo Fewster in the UK. It was definitely a great experience and has allowed me to do what I love.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?
Currently I’m playing polo for the Ellerston Onassis team and having a ball. The company have given so many amazing opportunities, to not only pursue what I love through playing polo and working the horses, but also gaining hands-on experience in their Vet clinic assisting in surgeries, breeding and treatment of horses.

I’ve recently started studying a Bachelor of Business and Marketing part time at the University of South Australia, to pursue my interest in marketing. I’ve been involved in working for my grandfather’s business during my off season from polo and have enjoyed seeing the other side of the business. After I finish my degree, I’m keen to continue my career in the horse industry but we will see what challenges are thrown at me next.

What advice would you give to current students or recent leavers/Old Grammarians?
Try to pursue doing what you love. Everything will always fall into place and a path will always pop up that you may or may not have even considered or even knew was an option.

We would like to thank Angus for sharing his interesting career path and memories of Grammar with us.

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