At Ballarat Grammar we enjoy hearing from our Old Grammarians, and we love to share their interesting stories with our community. Sharing your story can help current students with their career path, help a recent graduate looking for some guidance, or be a great example for teaching staff to share with their mentees.

The Beckworth Centre for the Arts are proud of our graduates from our Art and Design program who have distinguished themselves in a range of areas, including the fine arts, textile and fashion design, architecture and building construction.

Discover where some of Beckworth Alumni are now:

Elizabeth Short (2015)
Stephanie Cartledge (2014)
Joshua Wilson (2011)
Julia Stewart (2013)
Tegan Hamilton (2004)
David Moyle (2000)
Bree-Anna Ellett (2009)
Matt Wilson (2009)
Lauren Layton (1989)
Nick Doran Adams (2009)
Angela Lea (1987)
Ashleigh Hills (2007)
Robyn Lea (1988)
Anna Fay (2015)
Natalie Claire-Pelech (2013)

If you are an Old Grammarian who studied a VCE Art, Studio Art, Visual Communication and Design, Product Design or Systems Engineering and these subjects have had a positive impact on your life and way of thinking, we would love to share your story and journey after Ballarat Grammar.

The Beckworth are keen to hear how studying those subjects have influenced you, even if you are not currently working/studying art or design. Please email Ruby Pilven in The Beckworth Centre to share your experiences.