The Core Ethical Teachings and Beliefs of Ballarat Grammar

Our Learning and Behavioural Values

This describes who we are, what we value and what we strive for. The ‘Essence of Grammar’ is the foundation that underpins our approach to all aspects of learning and growth.

We look to a positive future from a proud tradition. Our relationships are based on warmth, respect and trust.


We’re passionate about learning in all areas of our lives. We strive for academic excellence, knowing that it takes hard work over a long period of time.


Beyond the classroom, we love exploring new learning opportunities while continuing to extend ourselves in areas that are already familiar. We’re developing the confidence to take risks with our learning and the skills to bounce back when things don’t go as well as we’d like.


We welcome people from many backgrounds and look out for each other because that’s what makes our community strong.


In working together for a better world, we believe that helping others through service enriches our lives. And we’re always looking for opportunities to actively engage with the natural environment.


In all that we do, we draw on the Anglican values of openness and inclusivity to help us look for ways to find meaning and fulfilment so that we can be our best selves in every part of our lives.