Headmaster‘s Welcome

Welcome to Ballarat Grammar, a school that celebrates the journey of children becoming fine young men and women.

In partnership with you, we aim to develop graduates who are poised to make a significant positive difference to their world. We share your aspiration, as parents, for our young people to grow as happy, healthy and well-rounded individuals.

We recognise the powerful combination of learning in and beyond the classroom….

Our focus is on the development of the whole child. We support students to develop a genuine belief in service just as much as we nurture them to achieve outstanding academic results that create opportunities in the future.

It is no secret that happy, balanced children thrive at school and in life. We provide the broadest range of opportunities to allow your children to develop, articulate and live up to a set of beliefs that will serve them invaluably in the future.

Grammar is renowned for its wellbeing program, equipping our students with the skills and decision-making abilities to make the most of life’s opportunities and show resilience in the face of future challenges. Our dedicated teachers, coaches and team of support staff are deeply committed to your children’s progress and will work closely with you to support them to thrive.
We recognise the powerful combination of learning in and beyond the classroom. Developing tenacity through conquering an outdoor challenge, mastering an algebraic equation and teaching reading skills to younger disadvantaged children sit equally amongst our understanding of priorities in developing good, successful young people. Our students will live, work in, trade with and experience a greater variety of different cultures than any previous generation. We prepare students for a life of international connection, partly through our membership of the Round Square organisation, which partners our school to 150 others globally through exchange programs, student conferences and service projects.

If change is, indeed, the new constant, then the ability to adapt and transform in new situations is ever more important. Our innovative focus at Grammar nurtures creativity, through a strong arts program, as well as every learning experience. This focus instils in students a curiosity to look for solutions beyond the conventional.

Whilst we enjoy first class educational facilities and spacious campuses, the heart of Ballarat Grammar is our community. You will not find people more passionate or committed to creating the best possible learning environment and future opportunities for your children, as well as a strong sense of belonging for students and their families. I warmly invite you visit and see first-hand the Grammar difference.

Mr Adam Heath