Ballarat Grammar Core Values and Focus

Our regional Anglican School fosters academic aspiration, trust, opportunity and engagement, resilience, and social and environmental justice within the search for faith and meaning.

The Anglican values of openness and inclusivity are at the heart of our community. They connect the generations throughout our School’s proud history and help us in our personal search for faith and meaning. In the Anglican tradition positive relationships underpin the growth of academic, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing within a highly developed Wellbeing Program.

Our Values

From those to whom much is given will much be required.

– Luke 12:48

In line with its Christian ethos and liberal heritage, the School seeks to promote the following values through all its endeavours:

  • Compassion: Striving to care for self and others
  • Aspiration: Pursuing excellence for worthy accomplishment, and providing leadership in intellectual and other domains while still displaying humility
  • Justice: Seeking the common good where all are treated fairly
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: Being honest and dependable and seeking the truth
  • Integrity: Acting in accordance with principals of moral and ethical conduct
  • Respect: Treating others and their opinions with consideration, having regard for both tradition and innovation
  • Responsibility: Being accountable for one’s own actions, resolving differences in constructive and peaceful ways and taking care of the environment
  • Tolerance: Being committed to international and inter-cultural understanding, accepting diversity and including others
  • Courage: Showing resolve in the face of adversity and being enterprising and adventurous and prepared to take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Thanksgiving and Optimism: Showing appreciation for the richness and potential of life
  • Service: Being willing to contribute to the wellbeing of others through voluntary service to the community

Our Mission

Ballarat Grammar aims to empower its students with:

  • An understanding of, and learning from, Christian faith and Christian spirituality
  • Academic confidence and a passion for learning
  • An understanding of the obligations of community, both local and international
  • Social competence, the capacity for leadership and genuine compassion for others
  • A desire for involvement in the arts, sports and co-curricular activities
  • Good physical and emotional health

We aim to provide for staff:

  • A safe, supportive and challenging professional environment
  • Strategic professional development and career promotion
  • Advanced facilities and teaching technologies

We expect of staff:

  • The highest professional standards and a commitment to professional growth
  • Personal and professional conduct which reflects the values of the School

We aim to give parents the assurance that their young people are:

  • Being properly valued and protected
  • Being appropriately challenged and extended

Activities are carried out through a partnership involving students, staff and parents, in a happy and nurturing community that embraces diversity and change.