Our five Boarding Houses are set among beautiful and spacious Boarding Village on our main Wendouree campus, giving boarders immediate access to the School’s teaching staff and extensive facilities. The Boarding Community is overseen by the Director of Boarding, Chris Van Styn.

Each Boarding House is supervised by a Head of House and supported by an Assistant Head of House and a number of tutors, or ‘MODs’ (Master/Mistress On Duty) who are usually members of the teaching staff of the School but also include some excellent external staff who add variety to our community. Some tutors live on campus within or in close proximity to the Boarding Houses, some are non-resident and others act as Emergency or “Drop In” tutors.

Find out more about each of our individual Houses below.

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  • Larritt House

    Larritt House is named after Esther Larritt who was the joint Headmistress of Queen’s College with Sarah Hayhoe. Girls from Years 7 to 9 live in this newly renovated House, and each Larritt girl is assigned to a ‘Big Sister’ Boarding House, Hayhoe or Woodbridge, in which they participate inSchool House events, and where they will live when they start Year 10 for their senior years at the School.

  • Dart House

    The original Boys’ School building has been home to boarders since 1911. Boys in Dart House are accommodated in single and shared rooms of a variety of sizes ranging from two to five students. Students in Year 12 typically are allocated to a single or twin-shared room. The large renovated Common Room and kitchenette caters for all needs and includes a popular billiard table. The House has a long tradition of active involvement in school sports, drama productions and social service events, whilst the annual House Dinner, parent-son weekends and grandparents’ day are all great events.

  • Hayhoe House

    Girls in Years 10 to 12 live in Hayhoe House, named after the first Headmistress of Queen’s, Sarah Hayhoe. Hayhoe girls are defined by their diversity and willingness to engage in a range of activities and their desire to extend themselves in all areas of school life.

  • Wigan House

    Once housed in the original school building alongside Dart House, Wigan House was built in 1998/1999 on the former tennis courts. Wigan has been newly renovated, and accommodate boys in rooms of varying sizes. With a brilliant new common room and kitchen area, as well as a great courtyard and basketball area, the boys of Wigan are well-placed for learning and growth.

  • Woodbridge House

    Opened in 1974 just prior to the amalgamation of the boys’ and girls’ schools, the newly extended Woodbridge House is named after Queen’s College Headmistress Miss Winnifred Woodbridge, who was Mistress of Queen’s Church of England Grammar School from 1947 to 1963. Girls from Years 10 – 12 live here in twin-share and single rooms. A spacious Common Room caters for relaxation, with a billiard table, television and kitchen area. Private courtyards, both established and newly deve offer privacy for reading or outdoor relaxation.  Woodbridge girls pride themselves on their strength of character, their selflessness and their involvement in all aspects of school life. Each girl contributes for the betterment of others.