International Students

Our overseas students are well known for the positive and enthusiastic manner in which they embrace learning opportunities. As boarders at the School they enjoy a rich and stimulating educational experience.

An education at Ballarat Grammar opens doors to many exciting opportunities.


Our overseas students embrace the friendly and welcoming boarding community. They enjoy the support of after-hours tuition and mentoring. With the Boarding Houses located on campus all boarders have immediate access to our wonderful and extensive facilities and teaching staff.

Location and Access

Located in a beautiful regional setting, Ballarat Grammar is convenient to Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport and Melbourne CBD via a short train or car trip.

Lifelong Friendships

We warmly welcome our international students.

Living in a Boarding House with students from across regional Australia, our international students not only develop lifelong friendships, they also quickly improve their English skills.

Preparation for Tertiary Studies

An education at Ballarat Grammar prepares students for continuing their studies at leading Victorian universities such as The University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, Deakin University and RMIT.

Local Homestay

All students are required to have a local homestay. If you are unable to arrange a local homestay yourself please talk to us so we can arrange one for you. There is a cost for this service.

Contact Us

For any enrolment enquiry relating to international students please contact our Admissions Office on +61 3 5338 0830 or by email. You can find further information on Fees and How to Enrol in our Enrolment section.

In the Words of our Students…

We think that the positive experience of boarding at Grammar best expressed in the words of some of our recent graduates…

Orlando Yang

Ballarat Grammar provides a variety of educational, cultural and social experiences. The school encourages, supports and acknowledges students’ achievements. Life in the Boarding House is enthusiastic, energetic and powerful. There’s a lot going on every day and everyone is treated evenly. As an international student, you blend in like everyone else. I enjoy all the subjects and find the after-school tutoring sessions particularly helpful and they have assisted me to build my confidence. After Grammar I would like to study Commerce and Aerodynamics at the University of Melbourne.

Yau Chen

I think Australia is a good country to travel, study and live in. My parents are really happy with Ballarat Grammar and they chose Ballarat because it’s safe, quiet, smaller than Melbourne and it’s easy to study here. The Boarding House girls are really nice. They look after you so you don’t feel lonely or missing home. It’s a very welcoming environment. The teachers here are really nice. They answer all your questions and go out of their way to ensure that international students understand the curriculum. They really care. When I finish, I would like to study Medicine at either the University of Melbourne or Monash University.