Throughout your boarding years you will receive help and encouragement from many people. In your early months, make the most of the support provided by your Head of House and other boarding staff as well as the senior students in your house. They will be keen to help you settle in. By coming to board at Grammar you are making a large commitment to your future. We will do everything possible to help you make sure that this commitment is rewarded. We work closely with our boarding families to bring out the best in each child.

We’re here to help you make the transition from home to boarding in a positive way. 

  • Our Heads of House live on campus with their own families as part of the boarding community, giving boarders immediate access to support 24/7
  • Boarders receive academic support and tutoring in the boarding houses as part of formal study time in the evenings
  • Most of the staff working in the boarding houses are teachers at the school
  • Boarders have easy access to our a full range of health and counselling services on campus: the Assistant Heads of Student Care & Wellbeing, School Chaplain, the School Health Centre, and the School Psychologists.