Changing the game

We are embarking on an exciting journey to enhance the health, sport, and personal wellbeing experiences of our students. At Ballarat Grammar, we understand the critical role of personal health and wellbeing in fostering physical and mental growth, both inside and outside the classroom.

Sport, physical education, and personal awareness have long been integral to shaping strong and confident Ballarat Grammar students. Participation in organised sports has proven to foster physical, social, and personal development. It is widely acknowledged that physical activity contributes to improved self-esteem, teamwork skills, higher energy levels, quality sleep, and enhanced concentration.


Why the focus on health and wellbeing facilities?

While our education programs have continuously evolved to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our students, our sporting and high-performance facilities have not kept pace. Our sporting facilities require further development to ensure that we provide the best educational outcomes and experiences for our students now and in the future.

During the comprehensive Capital Works Master Planning process, we identified two key priorities: establishing a cutting-edge Rintel Sports Centre and creating a Residential Outdoor Education Centre. These priorities are essential to meet our school community’s future growth and educational needs, particularly in health, sport, recreation, and personal wellbeing.

The new Rintel Sports Centre will serve as the vibrant heart of our school community, embodying our commitment to health and wellbeing for students, staff, and the wider community. This state-of-the-art facility will provide a dynamic space for various sporting activities, fitness programs, and recreational pursuits. It will be equipped with modern amenities and technologies, enabling our students to excel in their chosen sports and engage in physical activities that promote holistic growth and wellness.

In addition, our Residential Outdoor Education Centre will be designed to empower students to build resilience through physical challenges. This centre will offer unique opportunities for social learning, fostering a deep understanding of environmental care, sustainability, and the importance of community building. Students will engage in a range of activities and experiences that promote personal growth, character development, and a connection with nature.

From the Headmaster:

The Changing the Game Campaign is an ambitious strategy to support Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 and 30-year Capital Master Plan. When completed, the comprehensive Capital Master Plan will realise the School’s aspiration to grow the breadth of its educational and experiential learning programs and provide first-class facilities for sport, health and outdoor education. This Master Plan will benefit not only current students and staff but generations of Ballarat Grammar students to come.

Inspired by our Founders, who gave so generously to establish and sustain the Boys’ Grammar School and Queen’s College, it is now our opportunity to affirm and renew their philanthropic vision by investing in our students’ future. As an outstanding School, we embrace this challenge and look to our community to help us transform our students’ educational programs, opportunities, and potential for success.

Mr Adam Heath

How can I help?

By supporting our Changing the Game campaign, you can contribute to transforming our students’ lives. Your generous contributions will help us create state-of-the-art facilities that will enrich the educational journey and enhance the overall wellbeing of our students. Together, we can redefine the game and create an environment that nurtures personal health, wellbeing, and achievement.

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