Art and Design Co-Curricular Activities & Programs

The main focus of the Art and Design program is to realise the creative potential in our students, preparing them for a world in which problem solving and creative thinking are crucial.

We recognise that not all students aspire to be artists but we believe that creativity will be an invaluable skill for our students as they move into the world. We develop this through exposure to contemporary and historical art and design practices and through a dedicated and detailed art and design program from Years 7 to 12.

We have eight dedicated studios and a number of beautiful gallery spaces.

Students of all skill levels are accommodated and challenges are designed to develop and extend skills. In addition, we take students on excursions to local and metropolitan galleries. Graduates from our Art and Design program have distinguished themselves in a range of areas, including the fine arts, textile and fashion design, architecture and building construction.

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Learning Opportunities

Learning takes place within the curriculum. Our students are exposed to a very broad range of studios, giving them as opportunity to discover what suits them best.

Art and Design Program

  • Years 7 and 8: Students spend a term in each studio area. This gives them a taste of each so they can choose a preferred areas for later studies. In each studio, students learn to explore and develop ideas using a range of media. They acquire technical and analytical skills and keep a visual diary to record processes and observations. There is a balance between process and product and students often have great finished works by the end of each term.
  • Year 9: Most students take an Art or Design study. They choose two studio areas and spend a semester in each. The tasks become more challenging, drawing inspiration from the work of other artists and building the skills required to develop and create significant works. The visual diary continues to play an important role.
  • Year 10: Art and Design are electives. Students do one or two semesters and may spend the entire year in one studio area, or choose two. Students may apply to study VCE Studio Arts Units 1 and 2, which runs alongside the other Year 10 Art. This accelerated course prepares selected students for Units 3 and 4 Studio Arts in Year 11. In Year 10 there are three periods a week in the studio, and one period studying art theory. At Year 10 the studios of Product Design and Wood: Design takes a design focus for their theory and practical classes. The areas of Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics and Textiles take an art focus for theory.
  • Years 11 and 12: Students may choose from a range of VCE studios including Product Design and Technology, Visual Communication Design, Art and Studio Arts. Each of these subjects has three periods in the classroom and one dedicated to theory. While students are timetables for specific studios there is often cross-fertilisation between studios, with students making work using a range of materials and media.

Senior School House Art Competition

Our hugely popular annual House Art Competition involves all House members in a collaborative creative activity.

Opportunities to Exhibit

In addition to student works being on display around the school throughout the year, there are many wonderful opportunities for our students to experience having their work displayed in a major exhibition.


We host three major exhibitions in the Beckworth Centre for the Arts each year, the Junior School Art Exhibition, VCE Design Exhibition and VCE Art and Studio Arts Exhibition.

Our Units 3 and 4 students are consistently successful in being selected to have their work displayed at the following exhibitions: Next Gen (Ballarat Gallery), Top Design (Melbourne Museum) and Top Arts (National Gallery of Victoria).

Our students have had consistent success in a number of fashion awards: Fashion Awards Australia, Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards and Hamilton Sheepvention Awards.

Scholarship Opportunities

We are committed to supporting outstanding young people with a passion for Art and Design. We welcome interest from students who demonstrate the qualities, potential and leadership to make a significant contribution to the School in the broadest sense and to our Art and Design Program specifically. Learn more about scholarship options at Grammar.