Dance & Drama

We offer a wide range of learning and performance opportunities, drawing on the learning that takes place within the curriculum.

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Learning Opportunities


Our program is contemporary and relevant to young people. It is very workshop based and students explore a very wide range of theatrical styles. As well as year level plays as part of the curriculum, students are given many opportunities to participate in programs beyond the curriculum.

Our students are always up on the floor learning.

  • Year 8: Cinematic theatre
  • Year 9: Stand-up comedy
  • Year 10: Australian and contemporary drama
  • VCE Units 1 to 4 Theatre Studies: In addition to the curriculum students experience VCE Performance Nights, solo performance seminars and workshops and production analysis



We approach Dance as a living art form, not limiting ourselves to a styles approach. Every student is exposed to all levels of dance.

Our students love that they get to experience the diversity of dance, not just the steps.

  • Year 8: ‘Defying Gravity’ – exploring physical theatre with a focus on free running and parkour
  • Year 9: Dance Styles – exploring the question of why people dance, including the history of dance in ancient cultures and what dance looks like in the 21st Century
  • Year 10: ‘5,6,7,8 Dance’ Choreography workshops where students learns skills and become the choreographer
  • VCE Units 1 to 4 Dance: In addition to the curriculum students travel to Melbourne to participate in workshops and to see VCE Dance Top Class performances


Performance Opportunities

There are also many opportunities for students interested in backstage, lighting, sound and technical support.

At the end of every learning unit within the curriculum, every student from Years 8 to 12 has the opportunity to perform live.


  • All students in Years 7 to 12: Encouraged to participate in the Senior School Production – a collaborative venture between our Music, Drama and Dance departments
  • Year 8: Cinematic Theatre which culminates in a student-devised play for a Junior School audience
  • Year 9: Stand-up comedy – we have had students go on to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s development program ‘Class Clowns’ where in 2015 one of our students won the State final
  • Year 10: Contemporary Drama Performance Evening – students perform a contemporary play
  • Years 9 and 10: Drama Victoria Theatre Festival – students devise a play and perform with other schools from around Victoria.
  • VCE Units 1 to 4 Theatre Studies: Students perform either an ensemble or solo performance for each unit; there is also the opportunity to apply for the Ambassador Program through the Melbourne Theatre Company – this involves students attending first viewings of plays, talking to actors and writing reviews on social media 


  • All students in Years 7 to 12: Students are encouraged to participate in the Senior School Production – a collaborative venture between our Music, Drama and Dance departments – and they also can choose Dance Club as a co-curricular activity which culminates in a ‘Dance Evening’
  • Year 8: ‘Defying Gravity’ – students perform to their peers in an alternative spaces around the school grounds
  • Year 9: Dance Styles – students perform to their peers and there is the opportunity for some to perform at the Annual Dance Evening
  • Year 10: ‘5,6,7,8 Dance’ – students choreograph their own dance work and teach it to a Junior School Dance class
  • VCE Units 1 to 4 Dance: Students perform their solos and group piece at the ‘Dance Evening’

Scholarship Opportunities

We are committed to supporting outstanding young people with a passion for Dance or Drama. We welcome interest from students who demonstrate the qualities, potential and leadership to make a significant contribution to the School in the broadest sense and to our Dance and Drama Programs specifically. Learn more about scholarship options at Grammar.

Specialist Teachers

We have specialist teachers for Dance and Drama in both the Senior and Junior Schools.