Round Square Opportunities

As a member school of Round Square, our students have access to an incredible range of learning opportunities – whether it be broadening their thinking at an International Round Square Conference, experiencing adventure through Service or discovering a wider world through the Round Square network of schools.

Six IDEALS of Learning

Our structured program is linked to each of the six Round Square IDEALS of Learning.

1. Internationalism

Approximately 60 of our students take up international learning opportunities each year.

Around 30 students each year participate in international Service projects which usually involves living in villages in places like Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Burma, India, Kenya and Honduras.

Our students have the opportunity to attend Round Square conferences regionally and internationally where they meet students from like-minded schools from all corners of the world.

As for student exchanges, 80% of our exchanges are with other Round Square member schools. Our Year 8 students have the opportunity to participate in our Regional Exchange Program and our Year 10 students are encouraged to participate in our International Exchange Program with schools around the world with around 30 students taking up this opportunity each year. We also offer regular international Language and History Tours.

2. Democracy

Some formal student leadership roles are decided by a student vote and staff are polled on issues of teaching and learning and school management.

3. Environment

Our commitment to deep environmental consciousness is embedded in our educational programs – notably in our Years 4 and 9 Programs – and facilities – notably the Year 4 Centre at the purpose-built environmentally integrated precincts for Year 4 at our Mount Rowan Campus and Year 9 on our Wendouree Campus. 38kW of solar power and two 1kW wind turbines provide power for the School and students have planted thousands of trees at our Mount Rowan Campus.

4. Adventure

We are committed to providing a range of meaningful and robust opportunities for students. Explore our Outdoor Education program.


5. Leadership

At Grammar leadership is service.

We nurture leadership as action rather than position and teamwork rather than a solo activity. All of our programs together weave a matrix designed to help students to understand the obligations of community and to develop their social competence, capacity for leadership and genuine compassion for others.

Our student-led Round Square Committee gives students in Years 7 to 12 the opportunity to work together to create opportunities that raise awareness about issues, to create opportunities for adventure and teamwork, to raise funds for the underprivileged in our local and global communities. Working closely with the Service Committee they create activities for the whole school to participate in, enjoy and learn from – some examples include the annual Hunger Lunch, Sleep Out, Tough Grammar and School Dance. Read more about Leadership in the Senior School.

6. Service

We are committed to nurturing in our students a deep sense of social justice and our Service Program is a critical element of our overall offering.