Service at Grammar

We want our students to embrace the ethos, ‘from those to whom much is given will much be required’.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Service at Grammar supports our focus on developing the whole person and links closely with our Positive Education Program and Round Square Program. We are committed to nurturing in our students a deep sense of social justice and helping them to develop an understanding that not everyone is as privileged as we are and that, with growing inequality in the world, increasingly there will be a need for us as individuals to take action.

By forming partnerships with other organisations in the community we can achieve great things and make a positive difference locally and globally. We believe that getting involved in your community not only gives you enriching and meaningful personal experiences and helps you better understand yourself and positively shape your own values, it helps you to build positive connections with and better understand others.

Student Services

  • Year 7 students helping with fire recovery near the Grampians
  • Many senior students donating blood for the first time
  • 150 students door knocking for the Red Shield Appeal – helping to raise over $4,000 for The Salvation Army
  • Year 9 students spending time with students from the Ballarat Specialist School
  • Students paid regular visits to Exodus House, Start Club and PINARC


Service Learning Opportunities

Commit with an open mind and heart – that’s true service.

We expect our students to bring compassion to every service opportunity and the attitude that they have just as much to gain from the experience as the people they are helping. Our student-led Service Committee works closely with the Round Square Committee and leads by example by promoting and celebrating service across the School.

Our students make positive contributions to the community in different ways at different stages of their learning:

  • Junior School: ‘Action in Service’ – students are encouraged to display empathy with others and the environment
  • Years 7 to 9: ‘Experience Service’ – students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of opportunities such as Tree Planting Day, Red Shield Appeal, PINARC or the Ballarat Specialist School Project
  • Years 10 to 12: ‘Service is Leadership’ – students are expected to show leadership and to complete a minimum number of volunteer service hours in opportunities such as Exodus House, Star Club, PINARC, multicultural tutoring, Work Experience Week Service Option, Junior School coaching, umpiring and tutoring, Blood Bank or volunteering at a community or school event

Student Reflections

Grammar students give their time to the community in many ways. We think that the positive impact of their experiences is best expressed in their words…

Exodus House

Ashna (Year 10)

Tutoring time at Exodus House involves hands-on activities, board games, reading and one-on-one time for children and tutors. I have formed a strong friendship with one of the students there. I spend my weekly tutoring session with him and have observed his reading and writing skills improve over a 6-month period. When we first met reading was a struggle for him, but with encouragement and assistance he has been able to significantly improve his literacy skills. He enjoys trying to form new words, playing games such as ‘scrabble’, ‘hangman’ and ‘guess the word’. The tutoring sessions have been fun, interactive and worthwhile for both of us. Exodus House’s after school homework club is a great program enabling the Ballarat community to come together and help the children grow. It has been a delight going each week and meeting such bright children and being able to assist with their learning.

Star Club

Taylah (Year 11)

Every Tuesday afternoon I get to play and build connections with children at Yuille Park Primary through Star Club. Being with these amazing children every week has been an eye opening experience for me. I love how we have got to know them and be there for them each week to chat about their week and what has been happening in their lives. We all have so much fun, whether it’s running around in the gym, making play dough, going ten pin bowling or feeding the ducks around the lake – just to name a few of the many activities. It’s been such a rewarding program!

Georgie (Year 11)

Star Club is an opportunity to mentor and socialise with some amazing and energetic kids from Yuille Park Primary School. After doing almost a year of Star Club, they are all like little brothers and sisters to me, and they have even begun calling me ‘Mumma G’! It is a wonderful community program that is rewarding for both Star Clubbers and Grammar students alike. This is an opportunity I would highly recommend to any students wishing to pursue a community service initiative in the future.


Emma (Year 9)

I had a wonderful experience working with the children with additional needs. It was very rewarding, giving back to our community and made me realise how lucky my family and myself are. I appreciate the challenge the families face and enjoy providing respite for the young people with a disability. My great grandmother worked in the disability sector for many years and I feel I have inherited that same passion for working in the field.