Leave a Gift

Generations of Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School families and students have benefited from the generosity of men and women who, over the years, have bequeathed gifts to the School or to the Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School Foundation.

These gifts have had a significant impact on the lives of Grammarians, through scholarship opportunities, by developing teaching and learning facilities, and by supporting staff and the School’s programs.

A gift in a will can be a meaningful way of saying thank you, honouring a loved one, recognising a valued member of staff or friend, investing in the future, or providing a Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School education for those who otherwise may not be able to join our community.

Bequests are contained within a will and may take several forms, including provision for a scholarship or a particular area of study within the School’s educational program or may be allocated at the discretion of the School. A bequest can stipulate defined personal assets such as property, fixed sums or a percentage of an estate.

From our Headmaster:

In the quest for a life well lived, we are sometimes afforded opportunity to make a positive difference; a difference to the lives of loved ones, to our communities and to the world around us. Rarely are we offered the opportunity to bring our positive influence to perpetuity. Yours will be a gift that gives to future generations of fine young people. Yours will be a gift that helps provide transformative educational experiences for the next generation. Their future, our opportunity. I welcome you to join us.

Adam Heath

How to leave a gift

Please contact our Director of Development to confidentially discuss your wishes, particularly if you are considering directing your gift to a specific purpose. Your will is the most precious, personal and final document you have control over, you may be assured that the School will cherish it forever and that our students will benefit daily from your vision for their future.

We would also recommend that you consult with both your family and solicitor before finalising arrangements to ensure that your gift to the School best reflects your personal wishes and situation.

To discuss leaving a gift in your will, please contact our Director of Development, Travis Polkinghorne via email development@bgs.vic.edu.au or phone +61 3 5338 0884

For more information please view our Your Gift Our Future brochure