The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a fantastic program that provides opportunities for young people aged between 14 and 25 to become involved in a variety of experiences. While it is not a compulsory component of a student’s program at Grammar, with so many opportunities available across a range of activities, our students are perfectly situated to complete the Award and we strongly encourage them to consider it.

Ballarat Grammar facilitates two of the three Award levels, Silver and Gold and our students can begin their Silver Award at age 15. Students set their own goals and create their own uniquely designed program. They are supported by supervisors who help them work towards their goals.


  • Experiencing, connecting and developing over time
  • Flexible, balanced and progressive
  • Personal achievement, not a competition
  • Voluntary and fun


Participating in the Award helps young people learn and implement skills in organisation, teamwork, leadership, communication and patience, focusing on the following elements:

  • Skill: Unleashing your talents and broadening your abilities
  • Physical Recreation: Improving your physical fitness and being active
  • Volunteering: Connecting to your community and ‘giving back’
  • Adventure Journey: Discovering your sense of adventure and bonding with your mates
  • Residential Project (Gold Award): Undertaking a purposeful experience with people who are not your usual companions and working towards a common goal