Year 9

We believe that the best way to engage students at Year 9 is to develop connections between what we do in school and the real world and across disciplines. Our Year 9 Program offers relevant and challenging learning experiences that require rigorous application and deep thinking.

Two Special Campuses

Heinz Centre

The Year 9 Precinct feels like a sanctuary for our students and the team of dedicated Year 9 teachers.

Our Year 9 students and team of teachers are based at the Heinz Centre, a purpose-built and environmentally integrated facility located on the eastern boundary of the main campus. While still feeling strongly connected to the rest of the School, the students love having ownership of their own space which supports the development of positive relationships that are so important at this stage in their development.

City Cite


Much more than a classroom in the city … it’s a unique and authentic city immersion experience.

Our students are based at Grammar’s City Cite campus in Melbourne’s CBD for three weeks in Term 4. Here they work collaboratively to respond to a self-selected question of social significance. This exploration allows them to develop independence, confidence and resilience as they work together to use all the resources and experiences that Melbourne has to offer.

This challenging, hands-on experience gives students a great deal of power over their own learning and is a powerful way to challenge our Year 9s.

Students are taken out of their typical school environment and given authentic experiences by being immersed in the environment they are studying. They visit places of cultural, religious, economic and administrative significance such as the Parliament of Victoria, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and the National Gallery of Victoria and are also exposed to many inspiring speakers.


LINKS: Leadership, Independence, Environment, Knowledge, Skills

The LINKS Program offers an engaging learning environment for Year 9 students. The Integrated Studies Curriculum challenges students to connect to their world, exploring questions of personal and social significance and making authentic connections between disciplines.

Students are empowered to ask socially significant questions.

The program is designed to build connections and partnerships with the local community that help students to better understand the connection between learning in school and the broader world. Guest speakers and off-campus Service activities and excursions are a feature of the program.

LINKS aims to develop a love of learning and provide students with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century, all while addressing the requirements of the National curriculum. At a time when teenagers may begin to have questions about the purpose of school, these authentic and engaging experiences provide compelling answers.



Multiple opportunities for leadership at Year 9 offer students the chance to develop social awareness, self-management skills and a sense of value within their community. They will assume greater responsibility in working with others to achieve common goals. The LINKS leadership structure is designed to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to become involved in their community and to prepare for leadership positions in school and beyond – two great examples are the ‘Walk to School’ campaign being developed by Year 9 students in conjunction with the Ballarat City Council and the relationships our Year 9 students are developing with the Ballarat Specialist School.


Through inquiry and experiential learning opportunities, students become independent learners and thinkers. The Melbourne City Cite experience in Term 4 provides a unique opportunity to develop critical life skills.


Immersion in the Learnscape surrounds of the Heinz Centre, active involvement and leadership in community service and the Outdoor Education experience in Western Victoria provide students with opportunities to better understand their own relationship with the environment and how it might impact their future.


Students are actively engaged in relevant and challenging learning experiences, focusing on concepts, theories, issues and questions that transcend traditional subject boundaries and emerge within the context of the real world.


Students benefit from a focus on skill development and effective applications of 21st Century technologies throughout the program, promoting critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry, collaboration, communication, resourcefulness, research, creativity and reflection.


‘Hungry’ for Literature, Advanced English, Art and Design, Atlantis Lives, Chinese, Dance, Debating and Oratory, Drama – stand-up comedy, Engineering the Future, Film-Making, Film Music – Jaws to James Bond, French, Independent Living, Latin, The Nature of Life, Through their Eyes, Visual Communication Design.


ballaratgrammar_4.7_technologyTechnology is used to support the special needs of the Year 9 learning program to develop higher order thinking skills. Cutting edge presentation tools such as Web 2.0 and film-making tools are used by students to support their learning program – some great examples of this are film-making on persuasive texts and student-directed blogs – and video conferencing is used by students to interview authors.