Ballarat Grammar Year 9 Student Programs

We believe in order to best prepare students for their remaining years at Ballarat Grammar and their futures, students are actively engaged and challenged by their learning experiences, which transcend traditional subject boundaries in order to develop knowledge and skills essential for life. Our Year 9 program has been developed to provide students with learning experiences that require rigorous application and deep thinking.

The Ballarat Grammar Year 9 experience is based in the iconic Heinz Centre, initially built in 2001 to create a unique and independent environment to facilitate Year 9 students’ growth and development in this crucial year. The building was designed to encapsulate modern sustainable housing principles, and today the grounds are home to a variety of native plants and animals, as well as being used to grow produce for educational enterprises utilising the concept of ‘paddock to plate’.

The atmosphere in this setting is one of inclusion, growth and development. Students are encouraged to collaborate and communicate effectively with their peers and teachers, in order to develop strong relationships that help to support them as they take responsibility and ownership of their learning.

House and Mentor

Pastoral care is an incredibly important aspect of our program. We have developed a strong web of support through students’ connections with their House mentors and subject teachers. The mentor program encourages a strong tie to the house system and ensures students have a consistent relationship with a mentor as they move through the remaining years of their schooling.

Global Connections

The Global Connections curriculum is framed using the Australian curriculum and challenges students by exploring questions of personal and social significance and making authentic connections between disciplines and with the world. There is a keen focus on the explicit teaching of essential Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific skills which are essential to students’ development and understanding of key concepts and vital to help support them in their future success. Global Connections aims to develop a passion for learning whilst providing students with the skills needed to thrive as 21st Century learners.

21st Century Skills

Students benefit from a focus on skill development and effective applications of new technologies, promoting the 4 C’s of Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration; as well as problem solving, inquiry, resourcefulness, research and reflection. Students are given a large variety of experiential learning opportunities, both curricula and co-curricula based, including the Teen Inquiry Project where students develop and present prototypes of possible solutions to issues that are significant to their everyday lives, to local businesses and other organisations.

Challenging environments

Year 9 is about giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves in a range of environments, enabling them to learn through hands-on experiences that help them to develop skills for life. Throughout the year students partake in a rock climbing and abseiling camp in the Grampians and Mt Arapiles. Set in one of Victoria’s most breathtaking settings, students learn to appreciate their environment and the challenges that it offers.

City Cite

During Term 4 students attend our City Cite campus on Flinders Street in Melbourne.  Here students develop a new level of independence, maturity, confidence, resilience and collaboration as they work together to answer their self-selected question of social significance. This style of project-based learning gives students control and power over their own learning to create authentic connections. Throughout they are exposed to a large array of resources and experiences that Melbourne has to offer, including places of cultural, religious, economic and administrative significance such as the Parliament of Victoria, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and the National Gallery of Victoria.