Middle School (Years 7, 8 & 9)

The Middle School provides each child with a world of opportunity; both in the classroom and beyond, as we look to build on the skills students have developed throughout primary school and ensure they are well prepared for VCE and adult life.

In the Middle School, the opportunities for students are broad; we will work with parents and students to ensure students find their passion and pursue it. We want each child to live a fulfilling life and they will develop the skills necessary to do this in the Middle School, supported by teachers who are passionate and have their wellbeing front of mind.

As in the rest of the school, the learning journey extends well beyond the classroom. Relationships are central to all our actions and we look to assist those who are less fortunate whenever and wherever possible. The Round Square IDEALS form the basis of our growing global connections and Ballarat Grammar Middle School students have the opportunity to reach out and begin to shape their world.

The development of the Middle School enables us to provide students with targeted support that is developmentally appropriate, and we can focus on ensuring their learning is engaging, meaningful and provides challenge through problem-based tasks. They will be supported by Homeroom teachers in Years 7 and 8 and a House mentor in Year 9. These strong pastoral systems ensure each student flourishes and grows to reach their potential.

Ballarat Grammar is a thriving community and the Middle School is a place of engagement where students develop key skills and identify and pursue their passions. In the Middle School we celebrate Grammar traditions and provide a world class educational experience for learners now and into the future.


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