Financial Hardship and Support

Ballarat Grammar is here to support our families. If you would like to discuss any financial hardship concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either Christina Prendergast Fay (0417 929 415) or Travis Polkinghorne (0438 329 715).

Financial Assistance

It is the Board’s intention that no student should leave the School in 2020 due to financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

Assistance is available for Ballarat Grammar families experiencing financial hardship at this time.  A support line for families has been established, with Christina Prendergast Fay (0417 929 415) and Travis Polkinghorne (0438 329 715) available to offer support and discuss this process. Our ambition is to bring every current family with us through this period of upheaval, challenge and uncertainty to the best of the School’s ability. Our strength at Ballarat Grammar has always been founded in our community and our responsibility in caring for one another, particularly in difficult times.

Payment Plans

We are able to reduce or put your regular payment on hold for an agreed time during this difficult period. When things start to return to normal, we can discuss a manageable payment arrangement to get your School Fees back up to date over time.

Beckworth Trust

The Beckworth Trust was set up by an Old Boy and Benefactor, Mr. Clive Cleaver, in the names of his parents, William Cleaver and Jeannie Cleaver. The resources of the Trust are available to parents who may be experiencing periods of financial difficulty. This assistance makes it possible for students to remain at the School when they otherwise might not be in a position to continue their education at Grammar. The application process requires the disclosure of financial details which will be considered by the School’s Finance Committee before the application is submitted to the Trust. This enables the Finance Committee to have all necessary information to consider any application.

Christina Prendergast Fay (0417 929 415) or Travis Polkinghorne (0438 329 715) are able to support you with any questions.