Ballarat Grammar Core Values and Focus

Wellbeing is ingrained in our culture as part of our teaching and learning framework and the skills and mindsets that promote wellbeing are taught explicitly within our Positive Education Program.

Wellbeing is part of every interaction with every student and every staff member.

All of our teaching and learning conversations at Grammar focus on the wellbeing of the child – whether the learning be taking place in the classroom, as part of a service project, on camp, on the sporting field, in the orchestra, in the Boarding House or in other learning areas.

Wellbeing = Flourishing

We want our students to strive to be the best they can be in all areas of their life. We support them to flourish and thrive by:

  • Promoting academic tenacity and persistence
  • Developing an understanding of character strengths and using these to solve problems
  • Encouraging realistic optimism and resilience
  • Building positive relationships through positive communication
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Encouraging expressions of appreciation, gratitude and a growth mindset
  • Developing an appreciation of the power of stillness and mindfulness
  • Developing skills to engage in and achieve a meaningful life

Our students develop a very strong sense of belonging and feeling safe and supported by having their strengths and challenges recognised. This in turn gives them the confidence and courage to take risks and pursue opportunities that they might not have otherwise.

Teaching Wellbeing

To nurture a positive state of wellbeing in our students, we draw on evidence from the science of Positive Psychology and teach it explicitly through our Positive Education Program via our House Mentoring system.

“Wellbeing is a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships and accomplishment.”

– Martin Seligman

As a community there is a very strong sense that we’re all in it together. Our students have structured and unstructured interactions across the year levels from the CEEd to Year 12, from our School Leaders welcoming students at the gates every morning to Junior School students playing on the oval next to Senior School students at lunchtime to whole-school events.

There is evidence throughout the School of positive relationships among students and between students and staff. We teach our students that this does not just happen and that hard work is involved. They learn that when they work hard in a supportive environment they are able to flourish and thrive.