Ballarat Grammar strives to ensure that our rich and diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history is embraced and celebrated. We aim to foster an enriched relationship between our whole school community and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We acknowledge the mutual responsibility shared between First Nation Australians and our community and aspire to create a culturally safe environment.


School parent and member of the RAP Working Group, Nicky Foy, says reconciliation starts with learning.

“I’m so proud to see Ballarat Grammar on this cultural journey, approaching the learning of culture respectfully and with honesty, and led by the students. They are young leaders who are creating change and being the change by exploring what reconciliation means to them as young people and putting words into action. It’s important that the work and responsibility is shared. We need to support our young leaders who are paving the way.” 

Together with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, we have built a holistic program that supports local and non-local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The program strives to enrich the lives of all Ballarat Grammar students and families with greater knowledge, respect, and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages, whilst establishing culturally safe practises throughout our community.




Our program focuses on Indigenous Excellence, which includes a diverse range of in-school and extracurricular activities that develop values of courage, aspiration, learning, character, belonging, future-focused and giving. To continue to provide two-way learning, growth, and respect, we investigate strategies to engage with local, State and Federal level initiatives, including training opportunities and funding which provide a sustained approach to our Indigenous Excellence Program.


Thank you for your interest in attending Ballarat Grammar. A select number of Indigenous Secondary Scholarships are available based on meeting the selection criteria. Please begin by completing the Expression of Interest form here or contacting Ballarat Grammar’s Indigenous Student Coordinator, James Castles, by email



Scholarships and support available include:

  • The Bill & Sue Wood Family Scholarship
  • The Vedmore Foundation
  • The Smith Family’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) – more information below and here

Successful applicants will be selected according to current academic progress and motivation to study, enthusiasm to contribute to their community and leadership qualities. All students at Ballarat Grammar are expected to enrich the community, with their skills, knowledge, and character.

SMITH FAMILY’S INDIGENOUS YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2024 – NOW OPEN until close of business Friday 26 May 2023

The Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) offers scholarships and leadership opportunities to young Indigenous Australians, with a focus on Indigenous youth from communities in very remote areas of the country or regional communities.

In addition to helping Indigenous students achieve their educational aspirations, the IYLP supports the development of a pool of positive role models and future leaders, to inspire other Indigenous students. 

To be eligible for an IYLP Secondary Education Scholarship the applicant must be an Indigenous young person who has the commitment, motivation and high potential to achieve at school and to complete year 12.

Information, criteria, application forms and other details are available from The Smith Family via the 2024 IYLP Application Kit here



If you have any questions about this program, please contact the IYLP Manager, Leanne Smith, by email or telephone +61 8 8224 1402 or the Ballarat Grammar Indigenous Student Coordinator, James Castles, by email