Our proud history dates back to 1877 when Queen’s College was established. The Anglican Diocese founded Ballarat Grammar School in 1911. In 1973 these two great schools combined to form Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School which today is known as Ballarat Grammar.

Our long and proud history has been beautifully recorded in the following books.

  • Met by Wendouree… Images and Memories, 100 Years of Anglican Education in Ballarat compiled by Patrice O’Shea and Joanna Ruchel, 2001
  • Mainly About Girls, A History of Queen’s, Ballarat 1876 – 1972
    by Susanne White, 1990
  • Winds of Influence, A History of Ballarat Grammar School 1911 – 1971
    by Michael Boyle, 1973

To purchase or view one of these books, or if you have something you wish to donate to the Archives, please contact the School. We are always grateful for Archival donations which help us to know more about our history.