Our students have a strong sense that they’re part of something special. They are genuinely passionate about, and genuinely love this School. 

We think an exceptional education is about much more than an ATAR. It’s fostering aspiration. It’s happy, healthy, well-rounded young people. It’s active and responsible learners and contributors. It’s being good and doing good. Doing your best, for yourself, your community, the world. 

Community is everything. We are a community of learners. Teaching, learning and wellbeing is united. We see great strength in our relationships. Our confidence is built from feeling safe and supported. 

Always aspiring, always growing, always learning.

Our students are quite exceptional. There is a real sense of joy, togetherness and community about the place. It’s such a breath of fresh air. Their appreciation for the opportunities they have, their lack of entitlement, their willingness to participate and have a go, their genuine respect for each other and their teachers, their sense of humour. As far as creating good people who are grounded and have a good sense of working together for something bigger than themselves, Ballarat Grammar does a great job. I can honestly say I haven’t worked with a better community of students.

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  • Academic Excellence

    Our students achieve exceptional academic results. For some of our students, striving for – and achieving – an exceptional ATAR is an important part of their pathway to their future. Every year, access to any opportunity afforded by an ATAR opens up to our students who have achieved ambitious goals. 

    For others, an exceptional ATAR is not as important. Increasingly, higher education is looking at a wide range of contributions, not just a student’s ATAR.

    We support all our students to achieve their full learning potential, to make the best possible progress, whatever their chosen pathway. By nurturing every student’s curiosity, encouraging deep inquiry and hard work over time. By supporting every student’s intellectual development in every way.

    Whichever pathway our student’s choose, the School has a focus on ensuring all programs, activities and teaching, exhibit and support the merits of Australian democracy to promote a generation of learners who are able to live these principles in practice.

  • Wellbeing

    Our students develop the attributes and skills they need to best manage their own learning. Contributing to the wellbeing of ourselves, of others and of our environment not only changes lives, it enriches our own. 

    Mental, physical, emotional and environmental health are inseparable. They have never been more important. Wellbeing at Ballarat Grammar is in everything we do. Its’ evidence can be seen and felt through our innovative Year 4 and agricultural and environmental programs, through our experiential Year 9 Global Connections program, through our commitment to sustainable practises and becoming carbon neutral.

  • Learning Pathways

    Every student is different, each has their own aspirations, passions and strengths.

    There is no single pathway to success. 

    We help each student to find their pathway. We support them to reach their destination, their future. We create learning that opens their minds to new ways of thinking, of doing. Expand their interests, exploring new possibilities, embracing a spirit of adventure and making the most of their strengths. Our mission is to bring out the best in each and every student, whichever pathway is right for them. 

  • Community

    Our students excel at building relationships, creating community. Meaningful connections, the core of our shared humanity. Genuine acceptance, warmth, respect and trust. Belonging. Radiating country values. They find strength in and for one another. Look after each other, look out for each other, in a way that others don’t. They value others for the experiences they bring, the differences they bring, and the potential they show.

    Boarders who call Ballarat Grammar home are a core part of our fabric, our soul. Our co-ed environment strengthens us, sets our culture. Young women and men working together in a safe, healthy and fun space. We are all on a journey; students and staff shaping our identity, thriving together.

  • Global Citizens

    Our students are finding their place in the world. They get that they are part of something bigger. They are learning about global engagement, contribution and responsibility. Geopolitics and climate change. Diversity and intercultural understanding. They are developing skills to tackle the issues of their day. 

    We support them to deepen their understanding, to open their minds and build positive connections. We provide opportunities to broaden their experiences, embrace adventure and build the courage to take risks through learning and leadership experiences. Service projects, exchanges and conferences both locally, nationally and internationally, via our Round Square and Indigenous partnerships and connections. 

  • Service & Leadership

    Our students understand that leadership is deeply human. About connection. Genuine empathy. Standing up for the rights of others, especially those unable to do so for themselves. Service. They constantly explore what their contribution might be. To contribute to a world where all people are valued equally and treated fairly.

    We constantly explore ways to strengthen our culture of service leadership. We role model it. We look for new ways to live it. We look for ways to inspire the whole Ballarat Grammar community to take action.