Why Choose Ballarat Grammar

Welcome to a place where education meets inspiration, where tradition meets innovation, and where every individual is nurtured to reach their fullest potential. Welcome to Ballarat Grammar – a beacon of educational excellence nestled in the heart of Ballarat, Australia. 


Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, offering a diverse range of programs from STEM to the arts. Through innovative teaching methods and a focus on critical thinking, we instil a lifelong love of learning in our students.


As a member of the Round Square network, we embrace the values of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service. Through our curriculum and extracurricular activities, students develop a global perspective and a deep sense of social responsibility.


At Ballarat Grammar, we believe in the power of community. Our dedicated educators, supportive staff, and engaged families work together to create a warm and inclusive environment where every student feels valued and supported.


Beyond the classroom, Ballarat offers a high quality of life with affordable housing, top-rated schools, and a thriving economy. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or raise a family, Ballarat has something for everyone. To learn more about life and some of the great opportunities in our fantastic city, we encourage you to learn more at the Visit Ballarat website.



I’ve been part of the Ballarat Grammar community for the past 18 months, transitioning from my previous role in Melbourne to serve as the Middle School Chair of Mathematics. Having taught in Ireland and Australia before, I’ve experienced different educational landscapes, but what sets Australian schools apart, particularly Ballarat Grammar, is the strong sense of camaraderie fostered among staff and students. The House system here builds a remarkable sense of belonging and community. While I do miss some aspects of working in international schools, I find the rewards of teaching in Australia far greater, especially with the balanced lifestyle it offers. At Ballarat Grammar, the culture is incredibly supportive, emphasising community involvement and providing ample opportunities for both students and staff to engage in co-curricular activities and volunteering. What truly distinguishes Ballarat Grammar is its outstanding facilities, dedication to academic and professional growth, extensive leadership opportunities, and exceptional pastoral care program. Personally, my decision to settle in Ballarat was influenced by the allure of a smaller city lifestyle after years in Melbourne and growing up in rural Ireland. Living here has been immensely enjoyable, thanks to the vibrant community, diverse culinary scene, cultural events, outdoor adventures, and proximity to Melbourne. In my free time, I indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and camping, and I’m actively involved in various sports leagues including Touch Rugby, Soccer, Futsal, Gaelic Football, and even Irish dancing.

Louise Callaghan Middle School Chair of Faculty Mathematics

This is currently my third year working at Ballarat Grammar as a Year 6 Teacher and Coordinator of Digital Technologies. Although I have only spent a short journey of my teaching career and life in Ballarat, I have already felt a sense of belonging to this wonderful community. Unlike schools I’ve previously taught at locally and internationally, I value the collaborative nature in which teachers and students work collectively to achieve success at Ballarat Grammar. For those contemplating a career move overseas, Ballarat Grammar should be the top of your destination list!

Conor McSparron, CEEd and Junior School Digital Technology Coordinator

Day in the life of a Ballarat Grammar Teacher


  • Full-time teachers – 19 periods per week
  • Student timetable – 5 x 55 minute periods per day
  • Student day commences at 8.45am and concludes at 3.25pm
  • Students would generally participate in one after school activity after school per week, such as sport, debating or a service activity.
  • Teachers are allocated two sessions per week for two terms for these extra-curricular activities.
  • Four terms each year, with approximately 10 weeks per term.
  • Whole School Professional Development Days are scheduled at the beginning or end of each term, and provide staff with opportunities to collaborate with other Teachers.
  • Students in Years 7 to 9 attend camps, with Teachers expected to attend one camp a year.


8.45am – Muster for all Middle and Senior Students

9.00am – Classes commence, with two x 55 minute periods.

11am – Recess

11.20am – Classes re-commence, with two x 55 minute periods

1.15pm – Lunch (with pastoral care duties, such as House Meeting, Chapel or Homeroom)

2.30pm – Final period for the day

3.25pm – School Day concludes

3.45pm – Depending on the term and sporting/extra curricular interests, Teachers would be expected to co-ordinate a training session or competition one day a week

Application Process

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  • What you will need to supply

    To complete your online application, you will need to supply:

    • cover letter (maximum 4 pages) that:
      • Explains why you are applying for the position,
      • Outlines your commitment to child safety and
      • Addresses the key selection criteria; and
    • A current resume or curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages) outlining your contact details, qualifications, relevant history of child-connected work and other work (including dates/period of employment and summary of duties and responsibilities), suitability to work with children, education and professional memberships; and
    • The name and contact details of three work related referees.
  • Our Requirements

    Prior to submitting our application, please be mindful that all staff must:

    • Have detailed knowledge of, and be able to adhere to the School’s policies and child safety practices, including the Child Protection and Safety Policy and Child Protection Staff Code of Conduct.
    • Have knowledge and understanding of the School’s obligations in respect of Ministerial Order No. 1359, the Reportable Conduct Scheme, mandatory reporting, and the failure to disclose and failure to protect offences.
    • Satisfy a National Police Check at the time of recruitment and be willing to undergo a check at any time during the course of employment with the School.
    • Hold a valid Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration or, depending on the role, an employee level Working with Children’s Check (WWCC).
    • Adhere to all our Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, policies and procedures.
    • Be willing to be involved in all aspects of the School’s day to day life.
    • Satisfy the School’s pre-employment child safety reference checks, which will address the applicant’s history of work involving children.
    • Provide certified proof of their personal identity and professional qualifications.
    • Be inducted by the School in respect to its policies, codes, practices and procedures governing child safety and child connected work.
    • Be able to work independently, but also be able to be part of a dynamic, creative and collaborative team.
  • Additional information

    Should you require any further information, please contact the Recruitment and Talent Advisor