Boarders are the heart and soul of our community. Your boarding experience here will be filled with rich experiences, special friendships and wonderful moments that will stay with you forever. You will have every opportunity to experience the rich and diverse programs on offer at Grammar, in and out of the classroom. 

Our close community is vibrant, diverse and considerate. We are very proud of the strong sense of community we nurture within the boarding houses and of the value system and the trust that we’ve worked so hard to establish.


Our boarders are fierce guardians of the rich history, tradition and ‘spirit’ of their Houses. They love to show off their home away from home and welcome members of their extended families to special boarding events like Grandparent’s Day, Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Weekends and House Dinners. The Dining Hall and the Chapel of Saint Mark are at the heart of boarding at Grammar, with a weekly Boarders’ Chapel Service, and meals each day in the newly renovated and extended Memorial Dining Hall.


Boarders are encouraged to immerse themselves fully in boarding life and other opportunities on the weekends and after school. We have a vibrant weekend activities program which includes things like day visits to the beach and sporting events in Melbourne, service activities such as flood relief help, bike rides, surfing, movie nights, cooking etc.

As well as having easy access to Grammar’s many learning opportunites that take place after school hours such as service, performing arts or sport, during their recreational time boarders have easy access to the extensive facilities on campus – under supervision – such as the 25m indoor pool, the weights gym and the games gym as well as the spacious grounds. Beautiful Lake Wendouree is only a 10-minute walk away and offers a wide range of recreational options from running or walking to just relaxing. Boarders are encouraged to bring their bikes to boarding with them – as well as exercise with friends, bikes provide a great sense of independence. 

The School’s 50ha (125 acre) farm campus at Mount Rowan is located just three kilometres north of the main campus and offers boarders activities working with sheep, cattle and horses and with cropping and environmental enterprises. 


We are committed to supporting outstanding young people from the regional and rural communities across Australia. We welcome interest from students who demonstrate the qualities, potential and leadership to make a significant contribution to the School in the broadest sense and to our Boarding Program specifically. 

Ballarat Grammar Boarding Handbook 2024