Named Scholarships and Bursaries

Through the generosity of Named Scholarships and bursaries, our scholarship program provides life-changing opportunities for students across a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities. Beyond financial support, Named Scholarships leave a valuable legacy for future generations of Ballarat Grammar families.

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All Named Scholarships and bursaries are allocated through our Scholarship Application process. See our Scholarships page for more information, or contact Admissions at [email protected]

Find out more about our Named Scholarships below:

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  • Sir Reginald Ansett Scholarship

    The Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Scholarship, established at Ballarat Grammar in 1989 through the RM Ansett Trust, honours the legacy of the renowned Australian businessman and aviator. Sir Reginald Myles Ansett, founder of Ansett Airlines, is celebrated through this scholarship, which supports students attending Ballarat Grammar. The aim is to enable students to benefit from the school’s education and contribute positively to its culture, reflecting Sir Reginald’s commitment to education and community.

  • Ivy Lay & Amelia House Scholarship

    The Ivy Lay and Amelia House Scholarship, established through Ivy Lay’s will, commemorates the Lay family’s legacy in Ballan. Ivy, who dedicated her life to family care, specified that the scholarship’s capital be invested to support a male student annually at Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School. The scholarship honours Ivy and her sister Amelia, celebrating their contributions to the community and education.

  • Victoria Harlow Scholarship

    The Victoria Harlow Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a lasting legacy from Miss Victoria Harlow, the last surviving Harlow in the Landsborough District after her brothers served in the Great War. In her will, she bequeathed her entire estate to the school, with a clear directive to establish scholarships for children to attend Ballarat Grammar. This reflects her sincere wish to support the education of future generations, emphasising her commitment to students at the school through endowed scholarships.

  • Matilda Dixie Consolidated Scholarship

    The Matilda Dixie Consolidated Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar pays tribute to Mrs. Matilda Dixie, a distinguished educator who established Queen’s College in Ballarat in 1876. This scholarship is a result of contributions from various benefactors, including the Consolidated Diocesan Scholarship, Old Girls Scholarship, and others. It is named in honor of Matilda Dixie, recognizing her significant role in girls’ education. The scholarship is dedicated to deserving girls at Ballarat Grammar, offering them the opportunity to benefit from the school’s education while contributing positively to its cultural ethos.

  • Percy Robin Consolidated Scholarship

    The Percy Robin Consolidated Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar, named after the school’s first Headmaster, Dr. P. Ansell Robin, is supported by various benefactors, including the Dart House Scholarship, Phil & Kate Morrison, The George Wright Cornell Memorial Scholarship, and the Laura Nichols Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to support deserving boys, enabling them to benefit from a Ballarat Grammar education and contribute positively to the school’s culture.

  • Joe White Scholarship

    The Joe White Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar commemorates the significant contributions of Joe White, who took over a malt house business in Ballarat in 1896 and ran it for 63 years, renaming it Joe White Maltings during his career. Established through application to the Joe White Bequest, the scholarship honours Joe White’s legacy and his noteworthy impact on the broader Ballarat community. This Named Scholarship reflects a long-term relationship with the Joe White Bequest, demonstrating a commitment to recognising and remembering individuals who have made substantial contributions to the community.

  • Bill Borthwick AM Scholarship

    The Bill Borthwick AM Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar honours the life and achievements of William Archibald Borthwick AM. Born in north-western Victoria, Bill attended state schools before earning a scholarship to Ballarat Grammar. A distinguished fighter pilot during World War II, he later excelled in a banking career and made substantial contributions to Victorian politics. In recognition of his significant impact, Ballarat Grammar established this scholarship to support deserving students, emphasising their positive contributions to the school’s culture and the broader community.

  • Don Huntley Memorial Music Scholarship

    The Don Huntley Memorial Music Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar, established in 2006, pays tribute to the late Don Huntley, an alumnus, parent, and community-minded individual. The scholarship, created through the Don Huntley Memorial Fund, aimed to acquire a Steinway grand piano for the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts and establish a perpetual Music Scholarship in Don’s name. With the generous support of the Ballarat Grammar community, the school has successfully achieved this, commemorating Don’s legacy in music education.

  • John Roberts Scholarship

    The John Roberts Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar, established in perpetuity through a Gift in his Will, is a tribute to the late John Roberts. Born and raised on a rural property in Victoria, John’s journey from a modest beginning to a successful entrepreneur is celebrated through this scholarship. Designed to support deserving boys or girls from rural or regional Victoria facing financial challenges, the scholarship ensures that they can enrol at Ballarat Grammar and receive the transformative benefits of education.

  • Bill & Sue Wood Indigenous Scholarship

    The Bill & Sue Wood Indigenous Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar originated in 2009 when Bill and Sue expressed their desire to establish a scholarship for Indigenous students in the local Ballarat community. This initiative aimed to provide financial assistance to Indigenous students, ensuring they have the opportunity to benefit from a Ballarat Grammar education that might otherwise be financially challenging for them.

  • Matthew McIver Scholarship

    The Matthew McIver Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar pays tribute to three generations of the McIver family who have all been part of the school’s legacy. Established by Greg and Judy McIver, the scholarship commemorates their son Matthew, a former student of Ballarat Grammar who passed away in his late twenties. This scholarship is dedicated to funding boys’ boarding scholarships in Dart House or its successor, ensuring that deserving students can access the opportunities provided by a Ballarat Grammar education. The establishment of the scholarship holds special significance as Greg and Judy, along with Greg’s mother May, tragically lost their lives in the Black Saturday bushfires at Strathewen in February 2009.

  • Rob & Di Olston Boarding Scholarship

    The Rob & Di Olston Boarding Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar, established in 2010, serves as a tribute to Robert Edgar Olston. A dedicated individual, Rob embraced life wholeheartedly, expressing a desire to leave the world exhausted, having utilised all his resources purposefully. Rob’s journey led him to Blackburn in 1965, where he pursued tertiary studies in education and met his future wife, Dianne Scott. After their marriage in 1971, Rob and Di embarked on a journey that eventually brought them to Ballarat Grammar in 1973. Throughout their time at the school, Rob and Di became integral parts of the extended Ballarat Grammar family, contributing significantly to the well-being of students and families. The scholarship stands as a lasting acknowledgement of their care and support, ensuring that their legacy continues to benefit students at Ballarat Grammar.

  • Maime Reid Scholarship

    The Maime Reid Scholarship is a testament to the generosity of Maimie Reid, who bequeathed funds to the Old Collegians Association of the Girls School with a specific purpose in mind. Her legacy aims to establish a scholarship to assist any girl who may find herself in a challenging financial position and is unable to complete her education at Ballarat Grammar. Maimie Reid’s foresight in providing financial support reflects a commitment to ensuring that deserving girls have the opportunity to pursue and complete their education at Ballarat Grammar, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

  • John & Frances Beaverstock Clergy Sons Bursary

    The John & Frances Beaverstock Clergy Sons Bursary is a testament to the thoughtful provision made by Reverend Canon John Beaverstock and his wife Frances in their will. Allocating a perentage of their estate to Ballarat Grammar, they established a bursary named “The John and Frances Beaverstock Clergy Sons’ Bursary.” The bursary is designed with a preference for boys who, due to distance considerations, are obliged to board at the School.

    John and Frances spent ten years in Ballarat and during this time were strong members of the Ballarat Grammar community. They also sent their two sons John and Michael to Ballarat Grammar for their secondary education.

  • RD Love Family Bursary

    The RD Love Family Bursary stands as a testament to the generosity and community-minded spirit of Wendy Love. Established with a focus on supporting students in need, this bursary reflects Wendy Love’s commitment to providing assistance to individuals seeking to attend Ballarat Grammar. Wendy’s philanthropic initiative embodies the spirit of community support and underscores the importance of making quality education accessible to those who may require additional assistance.

  • Kurt Hahn Bursary

    The Kurt Hahn Bursary, initiated by former Ballarat Grammar Headmaster Mr. Stephen Higgs and his wife Mrs. Sue Higgs in 2016, stands as a perpetual commitment made by the Higgs family and the wider Ballarat Grammar community. Inspired by Dr. Kurt Hahn’s philosophy, which emphasises preparing students for life’s challenges, the bursary aligns with Ballarat Grammar’s dedication to the Round Square Ideals. This initiative reflects the school’s commitment to fostering diversity and providing opportunities for students to embody qualities such as courage, generosity, imagination, principle, and resolution.

  • Ford Guthrie Boarding Scholarship

    The Ford Guthrie Boarding Scholarship was created in memory of Ford Guthrie, who tragically passed away in January 2017. Initiated by his parents, Sarah and Tom, along with his sister, Polly, the scholarship is a perpetual commitment supported by the Guthrie family and the wider Ballarat Grammar community. This enduring scholarship provides deserving students with the opportunity to experience and contribute to the boarding life that Ford cherished and greatly enriched during his time at Ballarat Grammar.

  • Kathleen Must Scholarship

    The Kathleen Must Scholarship is a testament to the generosity of Miss Kathleen Must, a dedicated supporter of the School. Through her bequest, the scholarship is established to annually award deserving girls (either day or boarding, as deemed appropriate by the School). Kathleen’s association with the institution dates back to 1909 when she attended the predecessor Girls’ School, the Ballarat Church of England Girls’ Grammar School (CEGGS), formerly known as Queen’s College and later Queen’s CEGGS. The Must family’s enduring connection with the School commenced in 1909, when Philip Must, Kathleen’s father, played a vital role in establishing the Boys’ School as a member of the School Council.

  • Larritt & Hayhoe Scholarship

    The Larritt & Hayhoe Scholarship is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Esther Larritt and Sarah Hayhoe, who, in 1889, purchased and revitalised Queen’s College, facing the challenge of rebuilding the institution. As Co-Principals, they worked to restore the college’s proud name and strengthen its ties with the Church of England. In 1927, Sarah Hayhoe, in her will, generously contributed to the establishment of the scholarship, memorialising the partnership with Miss Larritt. The scholarship, bearing their names, is intended to support the education of a deserving girl under the age of fourteen, chosen at the discretion of the Headmistress/master, with preference given to those whose parents may face challenges in providing for their education.

  • Norman R. Stevens Scholarship

    The Norman R. Stevens Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a testament to the remarkable life and achievements of Norman Stevens. Joining the school in 1940, he excelled academically, serving as Dux of the School in 1943, a Prefect, and actively participating in various committees. After completing his schooldays in 1943, Norman went on to become a recognised leader in his profession. In 1975, he was appointed to the Board of Directors, dedicating twenty-seven years of exceptional service to the school. Norman’s bequest, including a significant financial donation to the Building Fund and a collection of 18 Folios of Birds, reflects his deep connection to Ballarat Grammar. In honour of his significant contributions, the Norman Stevens Scholarship was established to support deserving students in their education at Ballarat Grammar.

  • Glenyis McIver Scholarship

    The Glenyis McIver Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a tribute to the community-minded spirit of Glenyis McIver. Having received her education in Ballarat, Glenyis later became a Dental Technician and an active participant in sports and church activities. Her commitment to the community extended to supporting local charities and contributing to various organisations in Ballarat. Glenyis’ legacy lives on through the Glenyis McIver Charitable Trust, established to make a positive impact on the Greater Ballarat Area. In collaboration with the trust, Ballarat Grammar proudly presents the Glenyis McIver Scholarship, providing assistance to a deserving student from the local community to pursue their education at the school.

  • The Amy Hale Scholarship

    The Amy Hale Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar honors the resilience of Amy Hale, a widow who raised four boys during the Great Depression. Established by Gordon Hale, the scholarship ensures perpetual support for deserving students in Years 7 to 12 from the Ballarat region. The aim is to provide recipients with the same educational opportunities and values the Hale family cherished at Ballarat Grammar in the 1920s and 1930s. The preferred candidates, preferably from single-parent households, should contribute positively to the school’s culture through community involvement and sports.

  • Harry Tippett Endowed Scholarship

    The Harry Tippett Endowed Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar commemorates Harry Tippett, one of the founding students in 1911. As an able student, he earned the Christmas Form VA Mathematical Prize in 1911 but tragically drowned in 1914. Established through the bequest of his mother, Elizabeth, the scholarship is a memorial honoring Harry’s memory.

  • Almeida Boarding Scholarship

    The Almeida Boarding Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a memorial to William Charles Frederick Almeida, who attended the school from 1917 to 1918. Charles, as he was known, later joined the Commercial Bank of Australia and tragically lost his life defending the bank during an armed robbery in 1924. The scholarship honours his fearless dedication to duty and self-sacrifice, as noted in the School Magazine. Established in his memory, the Almeida Boarding Scholarship continues to perpetuate Charles Almeida’s legacy at Ballarat Grammar.

  • Mary Must Scholarship

  • David Dusting Scholarship

    The David Dusting Scholarship is a tribute to the exemplary service of David Dusting at Ballarat Grammar. Joining the staff in 1977, he quickly gained recognition as an exceptional mathematics teacher. Later appointed Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School, David’s talents extended to innovative applications of computing technology and earned him the trust and confidence of Headmasters Smith and Higgs. The scholarship, established in acknowledgement of his 29 years of remarkable service, reflects David Dusting’s integrity, dedication, and selflessness in contributing to the Ballarat Grammar community.

  • Vedmore Foundation Indigenous Scholarship

    The Vedmore Foundation Indigenous Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a testament to the legacy of Mrs. Gladys Winifred Vedmore, mother of Mrs. Sue Henry O.A.M. Established in 2010 by Mrs. Henry, the Foundation honours the contributions of her parents, particularly her late father, Harold Cecil John Vedmore (Taffy). The scholarship, facilitated by a Vedmore Foundation grant to Ballarat Grammar, supports the school’s Indigenous Program, enabling Indigenous students from South Western Victoria to pursue their educational studies at the School.

  • The Johanson Family Scholarship

    The Johanson Family Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar is a generous initiative by Robert Johanson AO, an Old Grammarian who attended the school as a boarder from 1964 to 1968. Originally from Bendigo, Robert’s transformative experience at Ballarat Grammar, supported by a scholarship, opened new possibilities for him. Grateful for his education and success, Robert, along with his wife Anne, now residing in Melbourne, became generous supporters of Ballarat Grammar. In 2021, they established the Johanson Family Scholarship to provide educational opportunities for recipients at the school.

  • Wayne Hankin Bursary

    The Wayne Hankin Bursary at Ballarat Grammar was established in 2021 through the generosity of a gift in the will of Old Grammarian, Wayne Hankin. The bursary serves as a tribute to Wayne’s memory and his strong community spirit.