14 Nov 2023

Old Grammarian News – OG Legends vs First IX Match Highlights

In late October, Ballarat Grammar’s Tunbridge Oval witnessed a spirited clash between Old Grammarians and our First IX Cricket Team.

The Tunbridge Oval, freshly resurfaced by our Property and Services team, provided an upgraded battleground for this memorable encounter. The stage was set for a showdown that went beyond the game.

The First IX showcased their skills, making the most of the favourable conditions. But what set the evening apart, was the sight of Old Grammarians donning their old school blazers and cricket shirts. Beyond the match, it was a reunion that rekindled memories of Grammar days, fostering the enduring spirit of our community.

As the sun set, signalling the end of the match, the celebrations continued with a BBQ. And while the victory may have favoured the young guns on the scoreboard, the real win was the nostalgia, friendship, and memories forged on the cricket field.

Pictured above from left to right: Liam Wood, Daniel Cassidy, Jackson Sleep, Lucas Argall, Tristan Maple, Fraser Dix, and Zack Maple. Fraser Hay and Devon Orr, though unable to play, were present on the sidelines, contributing to the team spirit.