14 Nov 2023

Old Grammarian News – The Legacy of the 1962 Premiership Football

In a generous gesture, Chris and Margery Renwick recently presented Ballarat Grammar with a significant piece of our school’s history – the 1962 Premiership match football. This historic ball holds immense sentimental value as it encapsulates the winning goal kicked by Chris’s late brother, Peter (1964), from a tight angle. This pivotal moment occurred during the memorable match where Ballarat Grammar secured victory over St Patrick’s College by a narrow margin of 3 points.

Sharing his reflections on the unforgettable 1962 Premiership football game, Graeme Ward, a close friend of Peter and a dedicated past parent, reminisces about the pivotal match that marked a historic triumph for Ballarat Grammar over St Patrick’s College. Peter Renwick played a crucial role in this achievement by scoring the winning goal from an acute angle.

Chris’s decision to donate the football to our Archives ensures the preservation of this historical artefact for future generations. Among the signatures is that of the legendary Geoff Tunbridge.

Our gratitude goes to Chris and the Renwick family for their commitment to preserving this significant chapter of our School’s history.